severe weather

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I just love how media companies fight for public attention. And as technology increases it seems that it will become more and more difficult until you have headlines that don’t apply or commercials that are so shocking. Just take a moment and think about how we love having information at our finger tips but there is so much of it that we just end up skimming it. I know I skim most things that I read unless it really really grabs me. Commercials are much shorter then in the past (more info) and it seems they have to really inspire a strong emotion to even make us pay attention. This brings me to tonight’s title, severe weather. It seems these days that we don’t have weather men anymore they have all been replaced with severe weather men. But it seems to me that no one informed nature of this change. So our plain old weather does not always live up to its name as severe — especially when it is just partly sunny.

I will leave you with the severe weather I am having in my area: snowing! (lightly)