firefox and blender

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Its been a while since I have added some content. so here’s an update as to what I have been up to.  I updated my Firefox addon, urimod, for the firefox 3. Basically made sure that it worked in the new version of firefox and made a few changes to how the plugin works. I am hoping to eventually come out with a next major version soon. As an inscentive to get the developers to update their plugins Firfox is giving away free tee shirts for thoes who update their plugin by 18 March. For more info on urimod you can check out the project on google code. I finally bit the bullet and put the code in a repository which will make it easier to manage and hopefully easier for me to code!

The second thing that has been occupying my time the pass few days has been blender. I have been brushing up on some 3d modeling with a really good tutorial put out by the blender community.  Here is the results of the first few tutorials: helloworld. Nothing too special but it has been fun playing around with blender.

Pretty much this month has gone by way too fast. There are so many things that i had planned to accomplish but havent yet…well there is always March!