Thursday, May 8th, 2008

I have been working on a website lately for my uncle. It is an e-commerce site selling wooden crosses. Fairly small and basic site with only 3 products. So I decided to set them up with a WordPress Site using the WP E-commerce plugin. The last thing I have been working on has been a design for their site. I know that I am not really a designer but I wanted to try and give them something more then just the usual WP themes. So with the helpful advise of my wife (who is the designer of the family) I have been slowly developing a theme for them. So far I like what I have developed. I know that it is still a bit rough, however, If you have any constructive comments and criticisms please leave a comment. You check out the progress here.

reunion app

Monday, January 7th, 2008

For the pass few days I have been working on a reunion application for my annual college reunion/gathering. Basically, I needed a way of managing who was coming and when they are able to come in a easy to use interface. Making it easier to try and figure out what day would be the best to have the reunion. And just to add a bit of complexity into this, I have a feature that allows you to mark some of the users as “priority.” This was done because we were wanting to make sure that everyone else who came last year could be given a chance to come this year. So far these are the features I am thinking about having:

  1. Instead of a calendar month view the application shows up as a week view.
  2. There are a quick color block indicating it how many people can’t make it on the particular week.
  3. A list of those who can’t make it
  4. Pie chart view of thoes who have the week available vs. not available
  5. An easy way of adding new weeks and participants

This first version hopefully will be out soon. I want to add more features on as well but first I should probably make the first version ;) .