libraries and the digital age

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

I came across this article the other day talking about a study conducted on libraries in the US. It seems that even though there is such a vast array of information at the finger tips of most young Americans, the library still seems to be important for help in research, and problem solving tasks. Another interesting finding is that those participants of the study who were well connected with the internet were more likely to turn to libraries more often. Conversely, those who did not have the internet readily available to them were not as likely to go to the library. Is it perhaps that those who have been familiar with information realize the importance of gaining knowledge?  Or maybe this internet culture of gaining access to free information just naturally spills over to our real life that we find ourselves looking for other areas to also glean from. I hope that more follow up studies are conducted on this topic. It would be interesting to see what other ways the internet has impacted our societies makeup.