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happy anniversary

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Today is my two year wedding anniversary and I wanted to let everyone know I have the most awesome, kind, organized, beautiful, thoughtful, smart, and lovable wife that I could ever have. Everyday I fall even more in love with her. I hope she has enjoyed these two years as much as I have.

java logic errors…

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Recently, I was working on a project to reproduce’s spore2 program. During the course of developing the program I kept running into a logic error which caused my simulation to work but not achieve the desired effects. The problem with tracking this down is that my program was keeping track of thousands of bits of data which made debugging almost impossible. On a large scale the program kept bottlenecking instead of creating the cool lava lamp flow of little creatures.

I eventually solved this issue by tracking just one creature and found that instead of making a downward circular path like was expected from the rules it kept always going in a downward left position. This gave me the idea that maybe just one rule was being executed. This was exactly the case as it turns out I can not compare Color objects directly in Java. Needed to use the .equals() function. Once I translated my == and != to .equals() and ! .equals() it worked prefectly.

Sometimes it seems that targeted information is much better for debugging then lots of information.

Rock Band

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

So I played Rock Band this past weekend. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did much better on the guitar then on drums. I can see now how people can get into it. As great as my experience was I still am not going to run out and buy the game. Mostly because of the extra investment in equipment beyond just the game console and game.

It is one thing if playing this game would actually make me good at playing the guitar but really it is just a virtual way of pretending to play. It levels the playing field between those who have guitar skills and those who have never even seen a guitar before and virtually makes them look good. If you took the same amount of hours that you put into developing your character in Rock Band and focused it on playing the guitar I think it could be quite possible to learn how to play the guitar well.

Now dont get me wrong I will definitely play Rock Band again and it a great group game but like most video games the end result is lots of effort with not much to show. Which is why I try and limit the amount of video games I get into.